Jaafar mouhyi

Prof Jaafar Mouhyi

President | Morocco

I hope you are all well, healthy and safe.
I would like to start out by extending my warmest wishes for this new year. May it be full of health and prosperity in these trying times.
Today, I have the huge responsibility to chair the Board of the Digital Dentistry Society for the 2022/2023 term. This is a very big challenge because DDS has become the most active Society in our field today, not only by its role, which has become essential for the validation of the processes and tools used in guided dentistry, but for the outstanding contribution of all its experts, board members, ambassadors, and certified active members to research.
From a scientific standpoint, productions of potentially highly valuable articles is scientifically peer-reviewed and if accepted, published in the DDS official Journal; “Journal of Dentistry, Digital Section” with Impact factor 4.3.
This organization, which aims to build the basis of eventual proof of concepts and feeds continuing education programs, while giving guidance to manufacturers to their products improvements, wants to serve no other purpose than helping digital dentists learn, stay updated to ultimately provide better care to their patients.
This was the primary and ongoing objective of the DDS since it was founded 7 years ago by a small group of digital experts and pioneers. This small group took turns to chair the Board and still today, remains active to uphold the initial philosophy behind the DDS.
Today, to widely spread this noble spirit, DDS has National branches (Embassies), Active members, cooperation agreements with Scientific Societies and Universities in about 60 countries worldwide.
As such, in addition to some new projects, my mission for the next 2 years will be to ensure the continuity of these essential actions which have already been initiated by the previous boards and which have been slowed down due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Agenda 2022/2023

Among the main objectives:

  • Continue to increase the number of Embassies and Partnerships with other Scientific Societies
  • Focus more on the involvement of DDS scientists and active members in Universities’ post- graduate programs. Most of those institutions needs support to establish or update their digital curricula. For this purpose, several State and Public dental faculties in (South and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East) have already engaged serious discussions with DDS.  
  • Strengthen collaboration with DDS Partner Companies, working with them in digital continuing education with the program “DDS for
  • Continue to involve companies (well established companies and start-ups) that can support specific projects of interest and when possible, broaden the fields of confidence in order to institutionalize R&D departments and DDS certified scientists for basic and clinical research.
  • Establish a “DDS Grant” in collaboration with partner companies.
  • Activate the “Quality Forum”, which will establish the minimum qualitative levels of both equipment and procedures, under which the quality of the clinical results cannot be guaranteed. Committees composed of expert researchers, clinicians and technical specialists from companies will be established. 

DDS Scientific Events

  • Consensus Conference October 2022 in Greece. (Information follow shortly): “State of the art in Digital Dentistry”
  • Global Conference October 2023 in Casablanca Morocco. (Information follow shortly): “Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality: The paradigm shift”
  • Ventures with some Embassies and partner societies
  • Congresses already defined in 2022/2023 by DDS Embassies and Scientific Societies Partner are published on the DDS website (digital-dentistry.org), other events will be announced in the upcoming months.

Further information contact the DDS central secretariat (Sonia Carnevale): info@digital-dentistry.org

Board 2022/2023

I am also pleased to communicate the composition of the new DDS Board 2022/23

I would gladly invite you all to play an active role in the DDS projects.
Warmest Regards,

Jaafar Mouhyi