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  DDS Mission  


Computers and digital devices are making what were previously manual tasks easier, faster, cheaper and more predictable. Even in dentistry, digital technologies are rapidly advancing: intraoral, desktop and face scanners, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), software for computer-assisted-design/ computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and fabrication procedures like milling and 3D printing are changing the way we treat our patients. DDS is ready to assist dentist in facing the digital revolution. 

We at DDS aim to


dentists, students, technicians, software developers and engineers on the use of digital technologies in dentistry, through congresses, courses and seminars, high level publications and e-learning platforms, and therefore to help them in developing their professional knowledge and ability.


specific guidelines for the use of digital technologies in dentistry, in order to set and maintain high professional standars, which strengthen the power of Digital Dentistry worldwide.


and therefore validate the new digital technologies and products offered by the Dental Companies or Dental Industries, enhancing their credibility and reputation within the dental community.


professional recognition for Members and Partner Companies or Partner Industries, elevating their status and visibility within the dental industry.


dentists, students, dental technicians, software developers and engineers, encouraging research, communication and collaboration between them, in order to stimulate opportunities for the advancement, extension and practice of Digital Dentistry worldwide.

  DDS Board  

Reinhilde Jacobs

Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs

President Elect 2026-27 | Belgium

Miguel Stanley

Dr. Miguel Stanley

Vice-President | Portugal

Dr. Francesco Mangano

President | Italy

Murali Srinivasan

Prof. Murali Srinivasan

Board Member | Switzerland

Mahsa Khaghani

Dr. Mahsa Khaghani

Board Member | Spain

Ashwini Bhalerao

Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao

Board Member | India

Katalin Nagy

Prof. Katalin Nagy

Board Member | Hungary

Dr. Christian Monti

Board Member | Switzerland

Fabrizia Luongo

Dr. Fabrizia Luongo

Board Member | Italy


Dr. Jerome Lipowicz

Board Member | France

Dr. Mahmood Ezzat

Board Member | Egypt

Prof. Jaafar Mouhyi

Past President | Morocco

Prof. Carlo Mangano

Past President | Italy

Henriette Lerner

Dr. Henriette Lerner

Past President | Germany

Dr. Giuseppe Luongo

Past President | Italy

Dr. Scott Ganz

Representative of Honorary Members | USA & Canada

Prof. Adriano Piattelli

Representative of Honorary Members | Italy

Dr. Francois Duret

Representative of Honorary Members | France

Janos Vag

Prof. Janos Vag

Scientific Committee | Hungary

Prof. Simona Tecco

Scientific Committee | Italy

Prof. Ashraf Ayoub

Scientific Committee | UK

Prof. Fernando Zarone

Scientific Committee | Italy

Prof. Vygandas Rutkunas

Scientific Committee | Lithuania

Dr. Eitan Mijiritsky

Scientific Committee | Israel

Mehdi Mouhyi

MDT Mehdi Mouhyi

Dental Technicians Committee | Morocco

Marco Del Prete

MDT Marco Del Prete

Dental Technicians Committee | Switzerland

MDT Lars Hansson

Dental Technicians Committee | USA & Canada

MDT Luigi De Stefano

Dental Technicians Committee | Italy


MDT Piotr Nagadowski

Dental Technicians Committee | Poland

MDT Uli Hauschild

Dental Technicians Committee | Germany

Ayman Zaghal

Dr. Ayman Zaghal

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | Palestine

Kenneth Serota

Dr. Kenneth Serota

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | USA & Canada

Fouad Talic

Dr. Fouad Talic

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | Saudi Arabia

Myroslav Goncharuk-Khomyn

Prof. Miroslav Goncharuk-Khomyn

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | Ukraine

Mark Bowes

Dr. Mark Bowes

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | South Africa

Dr. Thomas Fortin

Communication & Visual Strategy Committee | France

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