DDS Italian National Congress 2020

DDS annual meeting Milano

The national congress of Digital Dentistry Italy will be organized within the 27th National Congress of “Collegio dei Docenti Universitari di Discipline Odontostomatologiche”. Some of the biggest experts in the digital dentistry field will analyze the different opportunities for using Digital technologies in modern dentistry.



The conference will be held on 17 April, 2020 in Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, Italy.

25th International Conference “Recipes in dentistry” organized by the Lithuanian Society of Prosthodontics.

TMD treatment, different implant systems, prosthetic dentistry’s problems and solutions, tooth restoration and many more dentistry recipes in one place from the leading international professionals.



FB event:

The conference will be held on 8-9 May, 2020 in Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Israel Society of Prosthodontics Congress

Israel Society of Prosthodontics Congress – Oral rehabilitation in the dimension of time

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Wael Att (USA)
Prof. Mutlu Ozcan (Switzerland)
Prof. Fernando Zarone (Italy)
Mr. Uli Hauschild (Italy)


Prof. Eitan Mijiritsky, Dr. Yossi Gleitman

David InterContinental Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel

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3rd DDS Consensus Conference, Italy

DDS consensus conference cover

Save the date, 2-3 October 2020: the next DDS Consensus Conference will take place in Italy.
Main topic of the Consensus  will be “Accuracy in Digital Dentistry”.

Expert from all over the world will meet to discuss the last results of the research on the accuracy in Digital Dentistry.
The scientific validation of  the digital procedure will be focused and a final document proposed.

The Event is open to all the DDS Active Members


Location: Fontanafredda Village, Serralunga d’Alba. Piedmont, Italy.

9th IAOCI World Congress 2020, New Orleans, USA

The 2020 IAOCI World Congress, in New Orleans, LA, is an international dental meeting with a first-rate scientific program delivered by top international, regional and national speakers. The academy through this yearly congress promotes and delivers innovative and forward-thinking ideas through workshops, lectures and symposia that enhance the understanding of and the rationale for ceramic implants. This is an event where scientists, clinicians, students and manufacturers gather to have access to, learn from and exchange with the largest community of international experts in dental bioceramics science and technology. The 2020 congress is exceptional in that we are including a Digital Dentistry Symposium and, for the first time ever, a significant dental hygiene event focused on implant care, treatment and maintenance.


Location: The Westin Hotel, New Orleans