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DDS Board

Prof. Carlo Mangano

President | Italy

Read the message from the DDS 2020-2021 President

Dr Miguel Stanley

Vice-President | Portugal

Dr Jaafar Mouhyi

President Elect 2022/23 | Morocco

Board 2020-2021


Dr Vygandas Rutkunas

Board Member | Lithuania

Dr Jerome Lipowicz

Board Member | France

Dr Eitan Mijiritsky

Board Member | Israel

Mr Uli Hauschild

Board Member | Germany

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Board Member | Egypt

Mr Piotr Nagadowski

Board Member | Poland

Aggregated to the board

Dr Francesco Mangano

Representative of Scientific Committee | Italy

Dr Scott Ganz

Representative of Honorary Members | USA

Dr Henriette Lerner

Past President | Germany

Dr Giuseppe Luongo

Past President | Italy

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2020 Consensus Conference *October 2nd-3rd 2020, Italy

(*) Open only to active members