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DDS Events

Upcoming events

Israel Society of Prosthodontics Congress

David InterContinental Hotel Tel Aviv, Israel

Mar 4th 2020


Mar 5th 2020

International Congress, DDS Embassy Switzerland in Bellinzona

Business Center Bellinzona

Mar 28th 2020

27th National Conference of Indian Society of Oral Implantologists, Nagpur India

The Empress Palace, Near Jalta Stadium, Wardha Road, Nagpur

Sep 24th 2020


Sep 27th 2020

3rd DDS Consensus Conference, Italy

Boscareto resort, Serralunga d’Alba

Oct 2nd 2020


Oct 3rd 2020

Past events

Corso di alta formazione in Odontoiatria Digitale

Milano, Italy

Feb 10th 2017


Apr 29th 2017

Le tecnologie digitali nella chirurgia custom made: innesti ossei customizzati ed impainto IUXTA-OSSEO 3D

Varese, Italy

Apr 5th 2017

International Implantology Week

Baden Baden, Germany

May 2nd 2017


May 5th 2017

Expo Dental Meeting: share the future

Rimini, Italy

May 18th 2017


May 20th 2017

IX Congresso Internazionale XV Meeting AIO Sardegna: focus on quality in dental practice

Chia Laguna, Cagliari, Italy

Jun 15th 2017


Jun 17th 2017

6èmes Rencontres Aria CAD-CAM

Lion, France

Oct 5th 2017


Oct 7th 2017

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2020 Consensus Conference *October 2nd-3rd 2020, Italy

(*) Open only to active members