Partnership with DSD

DSD provides a combination of systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry and dental office growth, with improved diagnosis, smile design, team communication, treatment planning, clinical execution, and creation of perceived value towards the final patients to increase new patient intake and case acceptance.

The goal is to use technology and communication protocols to improve efficiency and differentiation.

The DSD Concept is based on 5 pillars:


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Partnership with SmileFy

The mission of SmileFy is to empower dental professionals around the world to transform the way they provide patient care while positively impacting the patient experience is deeply rooted in the way they have developed and will continue to develop as a company.

Their technology is dedicated to deliver the most innovative technological solutions to make it easier, faster, and better for every dental professional to deliver beautiful, healthy smiles in a predictable, affordable manner for each patient. SmileFy’s AI technology is designed to make workflows easier and faster while also combining research from decades into a simple to use tool that allows aesthetic planning in an unparalleled experience for the dentist and for the patient.

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Partnership with SLOWDENTISTRY

Slow Dentistry ® aims to improve the standards of care in dental practices worldwide to ensure patients safety, well-being, comfort and understanding by committing to taking time with the patients during their appointments. Slow Dentistry ® wants to increase patient awareness for safety, understanding, well-being and comfort.

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