Tekscan, Inc. is proud to partner with innovative, progressive institutions like Digital Dentistry Society in pursuit of excellence in dental technology applications. Tekscan, Inc.’s flagship sensor technology product, T-Scan™, is the only digital occlusal analysis system on the market that brings the bite to life by providing real-time data showing occlusal force and timing.

T-Scan is a digital technology that helps support the DDS mission in the area of dental occlusion, by allowing dentists to see force, timing, and locations of contacts in the mouth.

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“Technologies make the world a new place and dentistry a new discipline. Digital control of occlusion and function is a unique and indispensable tool in the digital path of implant and teeth rehabilitation. The Digital Dentistry Society is proud to partner with avant-garde technologies such as T-Scan, and look forward to an exciting road of common development and studies.”


-Dr. Henriette Lerner, President Digital Dentistry Society

T-Scan fits seamlessly into your digital workflow


Show. Tell. Take Action!

Going from the monitor to the mouth has never been easier. Dentists and patients can visualize occlusion like never before, making it easier to understand treatment recommendations. With enhancements to improve speed and usability, T-Scan is a faster, easier way to communicate to your patient, protect your dental artistry, and improve treatment outcomes.

Research-validated, clinically approved.


Featured in numerous research publications over the years, T-Scan digital occlusion has an important role in the dental community. From prosthetics, TMD, and splint therapy, to cosmetics and full mouth rehab, occlusion affects everyone. Notable publications like the Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice, Quintessence International, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Dentistry Today, and more have  referenced the effectiveness and accuracy of the T-Scan product in clinical applications.


Tekscan, Inc. is committed to listening to customers and the market in an effort to continually improve the ease-of-use, functionality, and application of the product in dental medicine.

The possibilities are endless. See what no other piece of digital occlusion technology can do.

To learn more about DDS member benefits and T-Scan applications, visit: www.tekscan.com/dental