Great success for DDS Ambassadors Meeting,
held in Rome on 2-3 of July 2021

Thank you for all Ambassadors who took place at the AMBASSADORS LEADERSHIP MEETING in the magnificent historical setting offered by the city of Rome, Italy.

Thank to President Carlo Mangano for this opportunity and Fabrizia Luongo of Team DDS Embassy Italy for perfect organization!

Invited were the 20 most active DDS Ambassadors worldwide with the purpose of:

· exchange successful strategies of spreading the DDS vision and mission around the world,

· extend the awareness of DDS in the countries, by increasing the number of Active and Free Members around the World.

· share their retrospective activities and future national projects and plans

Ambassadors Leadership Meeting will be held every Year.

The splendid hospitality offered by DDS privileged both the venue and the moments of conviviality.

The ancient Romans said….Ad Maiora! (To the Best!)

If you are not yet a DDS Active Member