Dr. Francesco Mangano

President | Italy

Letter of the New President

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 


I hope all is well with you and your families, that you have had a relaxing holiday, and that the new year has started in the best possible way. 

On 1 January, I officially became the president of our beloved Digital Dentistry Society (DDS), and I will hold this position until the end of 2025. I would like to thank the immediate past president Prof. Jaafar Mouhyi for nominating me as his successor, along with the past presidents of the DDS, Prof. Giuseppe Luongo, Prof. Carlo Mangano, and Dr. Henriette Lerner for trusting me. 

I begin this journey with great enthusiasm, aware of the responsibility and difficulties that I will face but convinced that the DDS will continue to grow thanks to the work of all of us, the Board of Directors, and the Commissions as well as the passion of all our active members around the world. 

We have a common passion – dentistry – and we want to help transform our profession digitally. The world is clearly moving in the direction of digital transformation in all fields, and our field is no exception; nevertheless, it is necessary to validate new protocols and materials scientifically and clinically and test new software, tools, and machines. The DDS was created for this purpose. We are in a new era of dentistry, and it is an extremely fascinating period; however, we must ensure that this digital transformation provides real benefits to our patients and guarantees therapies that are biologically, functionally, and aesthetically integrated and long-lasting. Therefore, the DDS has the following mission: to work alongside all dentists throughout the world in the shift towards digitalisation so that this transformation provides concrete benefits to patients, and simultaneously, we must inform patients regarding the benefits that new technologies can bring. To accomplish this, the DDS must work in perfect synergy with its commercial partners, which grant us essential support.

"The world is clearly moving in the direction of digital transformation in all fields, and our field is no exception; nevertheless, it is necessary to validate new protocols and materials scientifically and clinically and test new software, tools, and machines."

Fascinating and very challenging years await us; there really is a lot of work to do! For this reason, I call on each of you to contribute and actively participate in the life and development of the Society. 

I do not want to reveal our projects—which are numerous, ambitious, and innovative—in this letter; you will discover them along the way. However, to carry out the projects we have in the pipeline for the next few years, the DDS faces an important internal reorganisation that will affect our relations with various embassies and partners. The DDS has appointed a new general manager, Dr. Alfonso De Paolini, who will assist the Society in this phase of growth. 

As president, I will strive for an increasingly strong and independent DDS that transmits innovative content, is inclusive, and knows how to communicate effectively with dentists and patients across the world. These characteristics are described in depth below.

Strong and Independent

The DDS is a global point of reference on the subject of digital dentistry thanks to the high level of scientific rigour and seriousness that characterises us— this is our true distinctive trait. In recent years, many small societies have arisen in the world of digital dentistry almost everywhere; many resist but are marginal, and just as many have already disappeared. This is because none have the scientific nature and consequently the strength and independence that characterises the DDS. Our strength is rooted in the strong scientific reputation of our past presidents, the members of our Board of Directors, and our Commissions; these characteristics allow us to position ourselves independently and interact effectively with the world of industry without being overwhelmed, as happens with other societies that are less scientific.

High Scientific Standards

The DDS has a flagship journal, the Journal of Dentistry, a Q1 peer-reviewed journal placed in the first decile with an impact factor of 4.4 and a CiteScore of 7.0.
I am the editor of the digital dentistry section of this journal. Today, the Journal of Dentistry is the absolute point of reference in digital dentistry for the academic world and universities, as well as for clinicians all over the world.
My associate editors (Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs, Prof. Samir Abou-Ayash, Prof. Vygandas Rutkunas, and Dr. Marta Revilla-Leon) and I manage a total of 90 article submissions every month; this is hard work that we must carry out daily, but it is necessary to scientifically validate the new digital dentistry workflows.
The high scientific standards of the DDS are also guaranteed by the Scientific and Editorial Committee, which is comprised of leading personalities from the scientific and academic world and will be responsible, together with the past presidents, for formulating and supervising the programmes of the Society's major conference events.


My vision for the DDS is that of a society that continues to offer innovative and fascinating content from a clinical point of view; this is why we work on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and robotics, which will be the main topics of the next State of the Art Congress in Florence (18–19 October 2024) and of the Global Congress in Venice (16–18 October 2025). This is why we recently developed and launched our own magazine, DDS MAG, which features innovative clinical content from leading experts and is already highly regarded by digital dentists around the world.


The DDS is inclusive by nature and does not close its doors to anyone. Anyone interested in participating in our project can be part of it, and we are happy about it! For this reason, the DDS is apolitical. We deal with digital dentistry and represent the global point of reference in this field for dentists, dental technicians, and specialists around the world as well as universities, academies, and the world of Industry. We must address and discuss digital dentistry, and we exist as a platform for this sole purpose. Politics are not discussed within the DDS. Each of us may have different political ideas, but under my leadership, the DDS will remain apolitical, as written in our Statute; anyone who violates this regulation will automatically be excluded from the Society.

More Communicative

Finally, the DDS must communicate effectively at all levels. Therefore, I have established a Communication and Visual Strategy Committee, which will be responsible for developing new strategic and visual forms of communication to convey our messages and content to dentists and dental technicians all over the world and, above all, to patients, as patient education is our ultimate goal.

I wish you a fantastic 2024; we will live it together!

Francesco Mangano

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