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The prestigious Journal of Dentistry (Elsevier) is the Official Journal of the Digital Dentistry Society and present a new section entirely dedicated to the world of Digital Dentistry.

The Journal of Dentistry will become the most important and prestigious international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to digital dentistry worldwide, with an impact factor of 4.4 (Elsevier, Q1, indexed Pubmed, Impact Factor 4.4 and Cite Score 7)

The new digital dentistry section will be edited by Prof. Francesco Mangano, researcher and clinician with high editorial experience, after 4 successful years (2017-2020) at the head of BMC Oral Health, with around 100 digital dental articles published.

Here below you can find Digital Dentistry related SCIMAGO-Q1 publications starting from the year 2017, submitted by DDS Active Members. Every Active Member has the possibility to send their own publications on SCIMAGO-Q1 journals by contacting the secretariat here.

To get your free key, you need to go to the MY ACCOUNT section of the DDS Members site and click on the button that generates the access keys. Then, you have to register on the Elsevier site by following this guide (also available in the personal section of each user).
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