Digital Technologies: A Roundtable Discussion on Changing the Face of Dentistry.

2017 Jun;36(6):18,20, 22, 24

Rehabilitation of Full-Mouth Edentulism: Immediate Loading of Implants Inserted With Computer-Guided Flapless Surgery Versus Conventional Dentures: A 5-Year Multicenter Retrospective Analysis and OHIP Questionnaire.

2017 Feb;26(1):54-58.

Horizontal ridge reconstruction of the anterior maxilla using customized allogeneic bone blocks with a minimally invasive technique – a case series.

2017 Dec 8;17(1):146.

Trueness and Precision of Four Intraoral Scanners in Oral Implantology: A Comparative in Vitro Study.

2016 Sep 29;11(9):e0163107

Custom-Made Synthetic Scaffolds for Bone Reconstruction: A Retrospective, Multicenter Clinical Study on 15 Patients.


“Digitally Oriented Materials”: Focus on Lithium Disilicate Ceramics.


Digital Dentistry: New Materials and Techniques.


Soft Tissue Stability around Single Implants Inserted to Replace Maxillary Lateral Incisors: A 3D Evaluation.


From Guided Surgery to Final Prosthesis with a Fully Digital Procedure: A Prospective Clinical Study on 15 Partially Edentulous Patients.


3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Single Titanium Dental Implants: A Prospective Multicenter Study with 3 Years of Follow-Up.


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The Open Dentistry Journal. Special Issue. Digital Dentistry: The Revolution has begun (2018).

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International Journal of Dentistry. Special Issue. Digital Dentistry: New Materials and Techniques (2016).

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